rejected ideas

While I was composing my 30 before 30 list, I had several things that I knew I wanted to do. Then I hit a brick wall and wasn’t creative enough on my own to finish. So I turned to the internet. I love the internet sometimes. I searched every version of “bucket list”, “30 before 30”, “day zero”, “101 in 1001”, “40 before 40”, “list of things to do”, etc. that I could find on at least 20 different occasions. I found a lot of typical items and then a bunch of relatively.. unique options. These were a bunch of my favorites that I seriously considered before rejecting. But I might try some of them for fun (pretend to be a runner, see if I can fit in a suitcase?) because they seem super exciting and I feel like I should try.

-go on a friend date with 52 different friends
-jump out of a perfectly good airplane
-make out with jeremy for 30 seconds
-learn how to spell karaoke without having to google it
-sing along perfectly to “it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)”
-hold a koala
-pretend to be a runner
-go on a James Bond Date with the Mister in a tux and me in a sexy dress with a crazy slit preferably in Monaco
-have a beer with penguins in Antarctica
-attempt to do a backflip
-see if I can fit in a suitcase
-have a cake with sparklers on top like Alice made for one of the Brady kids on the Brady Bunch
-own a months’ worth of Michigan themed clothing
-organize a flour fight
-put Vanilla Pudding in a Mayo Jar and Eat in Public