2015 Recap

I have been terrible about blogging for the past year. 2015 was a tumultuous year for me. It had a ton of ups and downs and life changing events.

Here is a non-extensive list of good and bad things that happened this year. I’ve omitted some bad things that I don’t want to talk about, but I caught most of the good things, I think!



-I saw Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with Insiya.

-My arm touched Andrew’s. It was wonderful.

-I went to paint and sip for the first time.

-I had one wild, eventful evening out.



-I had 3 job interviews in one week and one of them offered me a job! But it was too far of a commute…

-Parks and Recreation ended so Mallory, Ryan and I ate waffles and watched. It was sad.



-I saw Taking Back Sunday with Tara.

-Saint Patrick’s Day was quite the event.



-I went to Bayside’s 15 year anniversary tour with Meghan!!

-I went to Boston alone.

-I went to the aquarium.

-I started dating Randy.



-I hated my job.

-I finally got to attend Tulip Fest!

-I went to the Schenectady Library book sale with Mallory and bought lots of books!

-I walked in the Freihofer walk.



-I despised my job and cried myself to sleep almost every night.

-I screwed up my voice, almost permanently. Luckily it seems to have made a full recovery.

-I went to Montreal one evening for dinner.



-I saw Motion City Soundtrack and The Spill Canvas.

-I taught high school special education for the first time. It was a huge step up from teaching in May and June but high school is HARD. 

-I watched a lot of animals and people (cat/dog/kid-sat for 14/31 days!)



-I saw Brand New play live at Ommegang Brewery!

-I visited Charleston, South Carolina.



-I started my new job in a completely different field than what I went to school for.

-I saw Bayside with my brother in Rochester and got to spend the weekend with him and his friends at school!

-I saw Breaking Benjamin with Tara!

-I saw Zac Brown Band with Kerri and Schuyler, after spending the day at the track!



-I turned 27 years old. My 10 year high school reunion is being planned. I am old.

-I moved to a new apartment by myself. I am enjoying it greatly.

-I went apple picking and to the pumpkin patch.

-I got to go through a corn maze.

-I attended Kerri and Schuyler’s wedding. I am so happy for them!

-My grandfather got diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily it was stage one and they managed to catch it very early and remove everything.



-I went to see Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness alone! What a concert!



-Randy turned 26!

-I took a state test.

-I saw Bayside for the third time this year with Randy in NYC! We went for the day and got to see our friend Frank that moved there this year.

-Our first book club was held!

-I started getting serious about going to the gym again, and I started running!



Looking back, this year was incredibly eventful.

Here’s to 2016!


This post is going to be full of things that I will not be doing before June 29, 2015. I have compiled a list from the original list of stuff I either do not want to do anymore, don’t have enough time to do, or don’t know how to go about doing. Or maybe I don’t have enough money. Or maybe I don’t have certain resources. Either way, they won’t be done. #negativity

1. Have a snowball fight. – Although it did snow today (IT’S APRIL), there will not be enough packing snow to throw a snowball, let alone two.

2. Travel to Italy. – This takes a lot of planning and money. And it is not happening this year.

3. Spend the night at the library hotel. – I guess this theoretically could be done. But it likely won’t.

4. Find a job that I love. – I’m not sure if this can be done. With the way that education is going in the US right now, I am just discouraged. Even if jobs were easy to come by, do I feel comfortable participating in a horrible system? Not sure.

5. Save all my loose change for 1001 days and buy myself something frivolous. – I’ve decided that spending money just to spend money is silly, so I decided to just keep saving and at the end of my upcoming 30 Before 30 list (#SPOILERS), send myself on a super awesome trip. Money well spent!

6. Get a passport. – If I’m not going anywhere out of the country soon, getting a passport is stupid. I have a special license so that I could go to Canada if I wanted, but other than that, I’ll just wait.

7. Make a quilt. – This was always a longshot. I never learned to sew, so how am I going to make a quilt? Maybe one day.

8. Collect family stories and make a book. – This is a great idea but I keep forgetting to record stories when I go to family events. I keep thinking about how I want to ask my grandparents about their childhood memories and their families so that I can learn more about my family history, but I also keep forgetting when it comes time to do something about it. I’m going to try but I definitely won’t be able to write a book any time soon.

9. Dye my hair. – I decided that getting highlights works for this but I don’t want to get them before swimming all summer. So I’ll wait until the fall, which is of course after the list ends.

10. Get a tattoo. – Oh, the elusive tattoo. Still want one, can’t decide what I truly want. And of course, tattoos are permanent so I need to continue thinking.

11. Learn how to use the settings on my camera. – This was always a stupid goal. My camera is a point and shoot and there’s not much to learn how to use. I won’t let myself cross it off because I truly didn’t learn how to do anything and I have used my camera a total of 2 times since I wrote this list.

12. Go bowling and score a 180. – I am going bowling tomorrow actually, but my 179 was totally a fluke and I don’t think a 180 is truly feasible unless maybe I join a league.

13. Eat an apple a day. – I tried this at least 8 times and it never works. First of all, apples get boring. One needs a variety of fruit in their life. Second of all, I found myself trying to justify things- “oh, well, I ate apple cinnamon YOGURT today so that counted..” and it definitely didn’t.

14. Eat no fast food for a month. – Hello! I live near Chipotle again, there is no way in hell I am avoiding it for a month.

15. Read the Bible. – Not enough time in the week. Also the Bible is boring, also I am not religious, also there are so many books that I want to read and this is not one of them.

16. Watch 101 documentaries. – I watched about 44 and then I was so far behind, I just gave up. I was putting them on the television and then focusing on other things and not even watching. They should be fun, not work.

So these are my 16 items that will not be completed. No big loss, I guess. Stay tuned for the list of things that I DO intend on finishing, along with my plan for finishing them.


 It all started over a month ago when I went to visit Mallory for the weekend. We had plans to go visit our friend Ryan with our friend Tara in Brooklyn, but that didn’t end up happening. We still made plans to go hang out with Tara on Saturday, but I was still there for part of Sunday and we had NOTHING TO DO. Nothing. So we attempted to cross something off both our lists- go on a spontaneous road trip.


This was not the beginning- I don’t have a picture for that. We woke up that morning, tried to come up with something for us to do, decided that spontaneous road trip was possible (FOR ONCE), and drove to the diner for breakfast, and to plan our road trip.

Yes, I said plan our spontaneous road trip.

We decided to go east, because north would bring me home, and south would bring us to the city. West just didn’t seem tempting to us. Soon we were in Connecticut, where we saw a beautiful sign. A sign that said, (something like) “Library Book Sale Today”

Needless to say, we were really excited. We stopped the car when possible and safely parked on the street. And went walking back to the sign. The sign that said, (something like) “Library Book Sale Today”

But we didn’t see a library. And we didn’t see a book sale. And we didn’t see much of anything.


Except this sitting area. And a consignment store. And a general store (maybe? this was a long time ago!)

Both of us were sad at this point. No book sale. No books. Whatever were we going to do? Obviously keep driving east. At this point, we still weren’t sure of our exact direction, other than east. We continued driving. Soon, we approached New Hartford, Connecticut. Where we saw the most fabulous sight… A CARNIVAL!


So we stopped!


And had snow cones!

And the snow cone lady was wonderful. She asked us where we were from, and we told her about our spontaneity, and she was jealous. She even wanted to come with us, but she had to work the snow cone stand.

And then we continued driving. No time for rides and such when we were being spontaneous! We drove the rest of the way to Hartford, Connecticut, because there seemed to be nothing else nearby to us and it was getting semi-late for our short day trip.

Long story short, we were not fans of Hartford. Within 10 minutes, we were on our way home. Next time, Mallory and I will plan our spontaneous road trips a little better 🙂