2015 Recap

I have been terrible about blogging for the past year. 2015 was a tumultuous year for me. It had a ton of ups and downs and life changing events.

Here is a non-extensive list of good and bad things that happened this year. I’ve omitted some bad things that I don’t want to talk about, but I caught most of the good things, I think!



-I saw Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with Insiya.

-My arm touched Andrew’s. It was wonderful.

-I went to paint and sip for the first time.

-I had one wild, eventful evening out.



-I had 3 job interviews in one week and one of them offered me a job! But it was too far of a commute…

-Parks and Recreation ended so Mallory, Ryan and I ate waffles and watched. It was sad.



-I saw Taking Back Sunday with Tara.

-Saint Patrick’s Day was quite the event.



-I went to Bayside’s 15 year anniversary tour with Meghan!!

-I went to Boston alone.

-I went to the aquarium.

-I started dating Randy.



-I hated my job.

-I finally got to attend Tulip Fest!

-I went to the Schenectady Library book sale with Mallory and bought lots of books!

-I walked in the Freihofer walk.



-I despised my job and cried myself to sleep almost every night.

-I screwed up my voice, almost permanently. Luckily it seems to have made a full recovery.

-I went to Montreal one evening for dinner.



-I saw Motion City Soundtrack and The Spill Canvas.

-I taught high school special education for the first time. It was a huge step up from teaching in May and June but high school is HARD. 

-I watched a lot of animals and people (cat/dog/kid-sat for 14/31 days!)



-I saw Brand New play live at Ommegang Brewery!

-I visited Charleston, South Carolina.



-I started my new job in a completely different field than what I went to school for.

-I saw Bayside with my brother in Rochester and got to spend the weekend with him and his friends at school!

-I saw Breaking Benjamin with Tara!

-I saw Zac Brown Band with Kerri and Schuyler, after spending the day at the track!



-I turned 27 years old. My 10 year high school reunion is being planned. I am old.

-I moved to a new apartment by myself. I am enjoying it greatly.

-I went apple picking and to the pumpkin patch.

-I got to go through a corn maze.

-I attended Kerri and Schuyler’s wedding. I am so happy for them!

-My grandfather got diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily it was stage one and they managed to catch it very early and remove everything.



-I went to see Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness alone! What a concert!



-Randy turned 26!

-I took a state test.

-I saw Bayside for the third time this year with Randy in NYC! We went for the day and got to see our friend Frank that moved there this year.

-Our first book club was held!

-I started getting serious about going to the gym again, and I started running!



Looking back, this year was incredibly eventful.

Here’s to 2016!

Life is too short to go to crappy exercise classes.

Back again. No news on the howler (I have barely been home), but last night I do go to a zumba class. No, it’s not on the list, but my mother wanted to try it and we just joined a new gym so we figured we’d check it out.

I have now officially been to a zumba class. For 5 minutes. Then we looked at each other, and then we ran away. Never again.

But now we know, etc, etc. Next up, spinning classes.

Step Aerobics

Hello again! Long time, no post. I attempted for awhile to eat an apple a day and kept failing so we shall try again soon. That’s probably a lost cause though..

I started a new job as a building substitute teacher and got a kidney stone, and got a parking ticket and read a whole bunch of books. Other than that, nothing new.

Except today, when I woke up at 7:30 to go to step aerobics. Class started at 9:00, and went until 9:50, and let me tell you, I am exhausted. My body hurts and every time that I sat down today, I wanted to take a nap and never get up. I did take a short nap today, thankfully. Step aerobics, you kicked my ass.


To celebrate the fact that I am practically halfway done with my list (51/101 left), I thought I’d touch upon the things that I still have not accomplished and update everyone on my progress on each.

  1. Make a quilt – I really like the idea of this. I don’t have a sewing machine so I will have to find someone that will let me borrow.
  2. Document a day in my life in photos – Tomorrow on my drive home! I originally wanted it to just be a regular day but nobody wants to see that!
  3. Get a tattoo – I know what I want, I just need to talk to somebody about it.
  4. Build a sand-castle – I might go to the beach next weekend. Maybe then?
  5. Refinish a piece of furniture – No idea what I am doing here.
  6. Learn functional sewing – I need a sewing friend.
  7. Find a job I love – I wonder if I’ll ever find this.
  8. Go sledding – Hopefully this winter!
  9. Have a snowball fight – Hopefully this winter!
  10. Collect family memoirs and compile into a book – I need to remember to bring my recorder to more family gatherings.
  11. Grow a plant from a seed – I think I want to plant some herbs or something.
  12. Save loose change, after 1,001 days, buy myself something – In progress.
  13. Learn how to use the settings on my camera – I sort of know how to do this- there’s not many settings to work with.
  14. Learn to identify 10 different constellations – I have made no progress at all.
  15. Find a new perfume that I like – I recognize that this is stupid.
  16. Bake a birthday cake for a friend – Somebody needs to have a birthday!
  17. Go bowling, end with a score of over 180 – Good luck to me! I think my 179 was pure luck.
  18. Learn to shoot a gun –
  19. Buy 5 things from etsy – In progress. So far, I have bought 4 things. I loved 2, the other 2 are iffy.
  20. Take a spinning class – should have done that while I was home, oh well.
  21. Take a self defense class – I’ll look for one in NC
  22. Take a step aerobics class – I’ll look for one in NC
  23. No fast food for a month – I’m thinking the month of September – no trips planned, and I need to get back in shape
  24. Eat an apple a day for a month – September or October? I want to go apple picking in the mountains this year so that will be best after that..
  25. Try 5 new hair styles – two new hair cuts and one disastrous attempt at a Pinterest style. Need 2 more.
  26. Dye my hair.. this will have to wait, since I don’t have a hair stylist in NC to keep up on it
  27. Read the Bible – I should have done this at the beginning of the summer when I had time. We’ll see.
  28. Participate in a book club – I think I need an online book club. Or I need to find one that meets once a month or something, somewhere near me. I need to get out more.
  29. Read 10 banned books – In progress. So far, I have read 5.
  30. Choose an author and read all of his/her books – Oh boy. I have read 0 Kurt Vonnegut books so far. I am not good at this at all.
  31. Keep track of all the books that I read – In progress.
  32. See a play on Broadway – I guess when I come back to NY
  33. See a comedy show live – I have no idea how to go about doing this
  34. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of ABC’s – In progress.
  35. Watch 7 movies in 24 hours – Waiting for a super rainy weekend day
  36. Watch 10 classic movies that I’ve never seen – In progress.
  37. Watch two movies in the theater in one day – Waiting for a super rainy weekend day
  38. Watch 101 documentaries – In progress.
  39. Keep track of all the movies I watch – In progress.
  40. See five of my favorite musicians/bands live – In progress. One more (already scheduled for October!)
  41. Discover 15 new musical artists that I like – In progress. Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Florida Georgia Line, Hot Hot Heat, Kaiser Chiefs, Kacey Musgraves, Four Year Strong, Brantley Gilbert
  42. Visit the planetarium – need to find one nearby to me
  43. Visit the aquarium – maybe the one in Charlotte?
  44. Get a passport – Waiting until I schedule an out of country trip. Otherwise it is a waste of money.
  45. Travel to Italy – Maybe next summer..
  46. Spend a night at the library hotel – in my dreams
  47. Make my own hummus – will do sometime in the near future!
  48. Make sangria – will do sometime in the near future!
  49. Create a new list at the end of 1001 days – In progress! I have about 45 things already!
  50. Avoid saying anything negative for a day – Probably will never get crossed out, I am really bad at this.
  51. Donate or sell 101 things that I own – In progress!


Any suggestions are highly welcomed 🙂


I am so tired.

Sorry. I’m so sorry that I have not updated on any of my progress in almost three weeks. I am so tired of my life being hectic and crazy and a mess. I moved last week about 10 minutes before a torrential downpour, and less than ten miles away from where a tornado hit. My room still is a huge wreck because I won’t put anything away until I have a good place for it. It’s looking much better (and so is the living room!) but I still have a lot to do. And I am never home.

But!!! Let’s start by saying that I FINISHED MY THREE MONTHS OF GOING TO THE GYM THREE TIMES A WEEK!!!!! I am so psyched to be done with this goal because now I don’t feel bad about doing a workout at home if I don’t have time to go to the gym. But I need to be super careful that I don’t fall off the wagon now because I went shopping last weekend and bought a bunch of new clothes.. in an entire size smaller!


In the beginning..


The boxes represent where I changed the weight on the machine.


Hooray for me!

I’m super proud of myself! It was a huge undertaking, and it’s been tougher this week for me to make it there, but I am determined to keep this up.

Stay tuned for more progress that has sort of been made in the past few weeks!


I have begun going to the Y. I’ve been a member for years, but kept resisting going because I’m incredibly lazy and don’t want to exercise. However, I decided that as part of the whole “new, improved me” that I am going for right now, I needed to get into shape. I started last week by going to yoga. Then I made an appointment the next day for an orientation with the machines. And then Saturday, I went and worked out after my dad’s toy show and before babysitting. And it felt good. Monday, I was stuck in Schenectady after my doctors appointment and before work, so I went exploring and found the Schenectady branch of the Y, and worked out again. And then I went last night to work out and go to yoga. Let me tell you, I am exhausted. It feels awesome though. I was going to go tonight, but I scheduled myself to give blood so I am going to refrain because I don’t need to be more tired than I already am. Tomorrow my arm will still ache, so I was waiting until Friday. But I am excited to continue going… Even though I could not bring myself to get out of bed at 9 on Sunday morning to go to Pilates. There’s always next week…