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So, I thought that it was going to be hard. I knew that I would constantly type in Facebook to the address bar, or want to go check out a Twitter feed, or go browse Pinterest aimlessly when I was bored.

I never really thought about how much I use Wikipedia to define things for me. I never thought about how I would watch television and I would be bombarded with people using social media (Thanks Sheldon, for using YouTube!) I never thought about the fact that every time I walked into a room I had to make sure that someone didn’t have Facebook open, or I would want to look at it. I never thought about the fact that Facebook would email me to try to get me to come back. (Seriously- every day. “Amanda- You have 15 new notifications. Amanda- Do you know these people? Amanda- Do you miss us?) On the first day (Saturday- as weekends would be the hardest part, I thought), I read three books. THREE. (Side note: I really liked Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.)

I never thought about the true definition of a blog. I read a lot of CNN- sometimes they have links to other articles on other sites. Huffington Post? Considered a blog, I guess. Nothing was safe. I was really bored all the time. Waiting in line at the store? Nothing to look at on my phone. I downloaded Drop7 again and became briefly obsessed. Once I looked up from my iPad to my iPhone, and realized that I was playing 2 games of Drop7 AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe next time I should attempt going screenless- though in this day and age, it would be nearly absolutely impossible. I’d have to lose my phone. I’d have to do this over the summer when I don’t have to work.


I don’t know if I accomplished anything by going social media free for an entire week. I was probably less social than normal. But, I do know that I can do it. Begrudgingly. I wouldn’t do it again. I’d much rather live in 2014 than in 1999, that’s for sure.


This is an accurate summary of what life was like. #parksandrec #tomsrealifepinterestboard #idon’tevenreallyusetwitter #lackofsocialmediahasgonetomyhead


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